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A farmers daughter who has a love for her sheepdogs from the age of 10 years old, who had a big dream to be on TV and a well known sheepdog handler. Rockface Sheepdogs is Shannon’s sheepdog branding which she showcases her dogs talents, experiences and achievements. 

Shannon started her sheepdog career from just the age of 10 years old.  Her father (Loughlin), who is a well knowing trial man was out training his dog for the local trial on the weekend.  Shannon happened to be sitting on the wall overlooking the training field watching her father and his dog Ben working the sheep and from that moment she knew that she wanted to have her own dog.

Shannon went to her father and ask him if she could get a sheepdog to go to trials to compete with.  Loughlin was shocked that his 10 year old daughter wanted a dog to follow in the family’s footsteps.  Not long after that Shannons first dog arrived Dan which was black, white and tan rough coated young dog. Shannon knew that a local trial was coming up in the near future which was for amateur handler just starting out.  Shannon was still in Primary school so she was out training Dan before and after school times.  The trial finally arrived and her whole family went to support her on her first day out with Dan.  She was so nervous as she didn’t know what was going to happen but when it was her and Dans turn to have a go, she was relaxed and ready to go. Shannons first day out she achieved a 4th, Best Pen and Best Lady Competitor.  “You can say that give her the trialing bug ever since”. 

Shannon then competed with Dan for the rest of the Nursery season to gain some experience and was quite successful for a 10 year old.  As the Open season was coming close, her parents decided to give her one of their older dogs (Bill) for the season.  Shannon and Bill had a great team even from the first day competing with each other. That following Christmas, Shannon got one of her most memorable Christmas presents from Santa which was her team mate and best-friend Bill.  After that, Bill and Shannon was unstoppable.  After another Nursery and Open season completed, Shannon and Bill had qualified for the Irish National in 2013.  Shannon was 13 years old  when her dedication and hard worked was paying off.  In 2015, Shannon and Bill qualified for BBC One Man and His Dog with teammate John McGinn and Mozz. Also, was crowned Ireland’s best young handler with her other dog Harry and went on to compete at the International as Ireland’s Young Handler.  This was only the beginning of Shannon’s sheepdog career. 

With over nearly 10 years of her sheepdog career, Shannon has had so any experiences, achievements and has traveled to showcase different parts of the World her handling skills and her great dogs. To breeding, training, selling and competing with her dogs through her Rockface Sheepdog brand name.

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Shannon & Harry
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Shannon & Harry
Shannon, Loughlin with Harry & Bill

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